Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hook Line and Sinker

The story is told of a boy and his mother who went to a shopping mall. The boy acted badly--demanding this and that, running away from his mother, hiding so she couldn't find him. whining that he wanted something to eat or drink, interrupting her while she attempted to talk to sales clerks or make a purchase. In total exasperation she finally gave up and returned to the car.

As they were driving home, the boy could sense her displeasure and he said, "I learned last week in Sunday School that when we ask God to forgive us when we are bad, He does. Does He really do that?"

The mother replied, "Yes,He does." The boy continued, "And the teacher said that when he forgives us, He throws our sins in the deepest sea. Does He do that , Mom?" The mother responded, "Yes, that's what the Bible says."

The boy was silent for a moment and then he said, "I've asked God to forgive me for acting bad at the mall, but I bet when we get home, you're going to go fishing for those sins, aren't you?"

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  1. Ha ha! I am like the little boy though, I go fishing for my sins after God has forgiven them and thrown them into the sea...kind of like trolling for garbage, isn't it? Not useful and very bad for you!