Tuesday, September 29, 2009

girls with peaches

Two little girls with peaches and a great-grandmother between them. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and there were only a few peaches left after Mama and Grandma put the rest of the bounty in glass jars. We were busy children with something usually hatching in our young minds. Some times it got us in trouble. One particular Sunday we nearly outdid ourselves. Actually, we thought we had embarked on a heroic enterprise. We were wrong. There was no indoor plumbing in our little house, or the grandparents either.
We were all forced to use the same old "two-holer" out at the end of the garden...way out at the end. Not a cool prospect day OR night. On top of that it was so old it had turned grey on the outside AND the inside...really yucky, dark and gloomy. We just thought we might be able to remedy that. Sooooo; Sunday morning Mama usually made pancakes. and sure enough , she didn't let us down...not that she had any idea what five-year-olds can cook up between themselves. When breakfast was over we snatched the bottle of syrup and ran for the outhouse.
Sure enough the supply of catalogue paper was abundant; just what we needed. We had seen our mother and father wallpaper a bedroom and the idea had given birth. Of course we didn't have any pretty paper, but the catalogue pages would do just fine. Well, we thought so anyway. Our unreasonable parents did not agree. Such a shame too, because the syrup was more than sticky enough to hold the catalogue pages onto the old grey walls.
Enough to say; the remainder of the day left two un-busy little girls waiting for Monday and a new start.
P.S. I'm the one in the dark red dress and that is my sister Elaine on the other side of Grandma, Allie Moore


  1. What a start in the home improvement field. I think that was a pretty smart idea for two little girls. Bet your parents laughed secretly about that escapade!

  2. What imagination! Oh, I chuckled out loud at this one! Great photograph too.

  3. Oh how funny.
    I just laughed out loud!!!

    You were indeed very creative and practical if you ask me. So glad you have shared this.

    I will be wallpapering in the near future, but think I had better use wallpaper glue instead.

    God bless you and I hope you're feeling well,

  4. I think this is a great testimony to the creative decorating talent you have , in its' early beginnings. I have to ask, did the flies and ants become increasingly pesky after that?