Thursday, September 3, 2009

In the swim of things

If you tend to be a pessimist consider the benefits of choosing the optomistic route as described in this old poem
Two frogs fell into a deep cream bowl,
One was an optomistic soul;
But the other took the gloomy view,
"I shall drown," he cried, "and so will you."
So with a last despairing cry,
He closed his eyes and said, "Good-bye."
But, the other frog, with a merry grin said, "I can't get out, but I won't give in! I'll swim around till my
strength is spent. For having tried, I'll die content."Bravely, he swam until it would seem his struggles
began to churn the cream. On the top of the butter at last he stopped and out of the bowl he happily
What is the moral? It's easilyfound.
If you can't get out--keep swimming around.


  1. I have never heard that story before,I like it! So a frog in your soup can be an optimistic thing? I will remember this!

  2. I liked that very much! Very cute poem.

  3. That is a precious poem.Thanks so much! Thank you for your kind words.
    God bless you.