Sunday, June 14, 2009

2,000 year ago

The warm wind blew in Jerusalem
Tossing robes 'round sandaled feet
Hebrews hurried toward their homes
As the sinking sun inhaled the heat
The tax collector's booth was closed
The potter took in his wares
While in the nearby temple
A Pharisee made repetitious prayers
From dawn that day the maze of streets had teemed
With Roman soldier as well as Jew
And now the shadowed doorways stood
Like skeletal if they knew...
That morning would bring a difference
Too awful to contemplate
An evil rage massed in the air
As Pontious Pilate dined in state
A coppery moon thrust upward
To join the glittering sky
And Earth knew a false serenity
While Heaven held back a great sigh
Tomorrow would bring insanity
A crowd so cleverly incited
With death and destruction and untellable pain
Yet man's old wrong would be righted
The day would be sliced with brutal shouts
With insult, sneer and curse
Even now, a stealthy figure moved
With thirty coins held in a money purse
(And in another part of the city)
It had been a solemn supper
Eaten in the oil-lamp gloom
The Master talked so strangely
To those in the upper room


  1. Audrey, wow! You are able to make me "see" this story, history, in a way I was before unable to. Your words truly do evoke a heart hurt and heart heal . Praise Him.....