Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miracle on the Water

A Boat Ride

They settled down to get some rest
The fisherman and their Friend
The boat was like a cradle
The sea a hand to tend

Then the night began to whisper
With a raspy, angry sound
In an eye-blink there was fury!
Waves crashing all around

The men awoke with pounding hearts
"We're doomed," was their fearful cry
The vessel's seams were screechng
black waves became the sky

Panic filled the little band
As they grasped for rope and rail
The mast was swaying crazily
To shake off a whipping sail
And in the midst of chaos
One Man slept on in peace
The Friend that they all followed
His brow without a crease
"Master!" They cried, astonished
"Awake! We're about to die!
He streched His arms quitte calmly
Toward the boiling sky
The silence came so quickly
It almost hurt the ears
This couldn't be! It couldn't be!
But, this man all nature hears
More awesome than the storm
Was a thought that began to prod
And on the Galilean lake
They faced the Son of God


  1. What a great poem. Is this your own work? What a vivid picture! Thanks!

  2. Yes Audrey, very vivid ! You have such a gift of description . Keep posting, I get excited when I see you have added a new post for me to read!