Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Of the Sad and Bitter Split of a Church

A lovely wooden chapel
Stands among the trees
Fashioned by the hands of men
Opened with High-Heaven keys
God placed it as a sheepfold
Offering still waters
And food from greenest pastures
For His new sons and daughters
Angels hovered near the scene
To view salvation
Looking on in wonderment
At every celebration
A wedding feast was readied
As the Groom drew near
Reaching out a hand for her
For whom He had paid so dear
Next would follow unity
All in one accord
The congregation all alike
A single heart with Christ their Lord
Wait! Heaven's eyes are focused
On the Earth below
The bride has sent an arrow
And now a cruel blow
Against herself she battles
In the name of love
With mercy flown away she fights
To stab and pierce and shove
While in the bridal chamber
A gown hangs...soiled
By wounds inflicted there
Oh, small-town maid
What have you spoiled
(Many years ago I watched a seemingly strong Christian fellowship split with an ugly judgemental, merciless spirit. It left a mark on my heart and I always wanted to somehow get the feeling out of my heart and replace it with understanding. Not possible, I have found.. Forgive me if I have over-used my imagination)


  1. This is such an apt portrayal of a church split, and the wound of such a split is always a gaping , oozing wound that only Jesus can heal...He is the Groom , we the soiled bride, and He loves us anyway. That is the true mystery, He loves us anyway.

  2. The church splits seem to happen way too often. I try to tell myself the church is comprised of mankind, only humans, and the worship and fellowship should be based on God's word. Not twisted, not bent, solid in His word. So, I second what Kathy said, "oozing wound that only Jesus can heal."