Monday, July 13, 2009

Love is Painful Sometimes

Because of the illness of one of my children I won't be able to give as much attention to my blog as I should in order to make it interesting to others. I realize that this is an unusual way to handle a blog but it is either that or go off the site completely until sometime in the future.

There won't be any pictures unless I can figure out a way to move them onto the blog. Maybe later.

However, I would like to write you a grand story of God's creativity and how He takes each aspect of His glory so seriously that the details are just as awesome as the main subject.

Hopefully, I can do a small amount each day or two.

The title is, "There is no Place Like Home"

Part 1

Over the last fifty years technology has moved so quickly and brought us such surprising advancements science would be hard put to show us anything truly amazing. In fact, we have become fairly blase' where scientific announcements are concerned.

A sheep has been cloned, "Ho Hum."

There was a short span of years when the world reeled with the invention of the telephone, telegraph and the radio. Space travel, television and the computer followed quickly. To most of us, these scientific progressions were amazing and astonishing. But, give humans anything for long enough, and before much time has passed nothing is quite as exciting.

The years have slipped by--sometimes through dark valleys--and with each passing day it takes more and more to surprise us about anything, and yet....

There is a mystery of mysteries that has been with us from the beginning; a journey with the unremitting forces arrayed full force against the traveler. The true story is unique, in that, the trip is always taken against countless
perils, and the odds of reaching the destination are astronomical.

More later.


  1. We have become blase' about amazing scientific discoveries, haven't we? I hope and pray your loved one will be well soon....

  2. It is amazing what God has allowed us to do in the areas of Science. I have several friends who are survivors of cancers that used to be fatal. So many leaps and bounds. Audrey, your daughter will be in my prayers. Please keep in touch and tell us how we may pray for you.

  3. technology is still moving way too quickly in my opinion. Can't we pause for a moment to smell that new plastic and electronic cord smell before it becomes obsolete and we are forced to move on to the next new and advanced techie 'must have'?? However, I'll admit, I appreciate most of the advancements made in the medical field. Hope your family is well soon!