Friday, August 7, 2009

Granddaughters are wonderful; you just love them to pieces. It really isn't any different than a daughter. Sometimes it's a big, surging ,gushing thing that takes your heart over completely and causes you to act a little silly. Sometimes it takes a different course and is quiet, soft and makes you feel like crying.
The grand-daughter of mine that I am showing you here is Vanessa Renee. When she was smaller I think she would have loved the idea of being on this blog. Back then she was a dress-up kind of girl. I turned her loose in my closet and jewelry box to see what kind of outfits she would come up with. I thought for sure she was going to hit the fashion and designing world like a hurricane. Didn't happen. She's more comfortable in jeans and a pony tail than anything else. She's not quite so free with her kisses either. But, I found an old note she had written the other day and it would satisfy any grandma's heart for a lifetime. She wrote about her love for me and the things she remembered that I had taught her (imagine that.)
The boys are just as dear and I will write about them at another time
If these grandchildren could know how our love for them never changes no matter what they do, or don't do; how are hearts yearn for them when they aren't around. It's a love so deep it almost hurts Actually, it DOES hurt, but we know it's the good kind of hurt, it's a needed part of love.
I wish I could write it but somethings can't be told with words


  1. What a pretty girl. I do miss my girls' youths.
    I would still grab 'em and hug em if they didn't mind. But it has to be on their terms now. And it seems they don't need it as much as we do!

  2. Vanessa is such a pretty young woman now, and she was a pretty baby too. Can't believe she is all grown up. Yes, those granddaughters sure do catch our hearts, and so do the grandsons.

  3. Audrey, what a wonderful post! I found you through "In the Shadow of Juniper Hill." Glad I did. C