Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Son's graduation

Awhole lot of years ago one of my son's, Jack by name, graduated from high school in Santa Barbara, California. The exercises were held outside and it was a beautiful day with 2 or 3 hundred people milling about on the well-kept grounds. My lovely black straw hat and spike-heeled shoes were perfect accessories to my ensemble. With a daughter on each side of me we smiled at the picture-taker. I soon traded places with the photographer, son Jack, to get a shot of him with his 2 sisters. It was a simple old Kodak camera and I could see right away that I had to step backward a little. What I did't see was a metal sprinkler sticking up from the grass. I promptly
took the fateful step, fell over backwards, legs flying, and smashed the once pretty hat into a joke that passed through our family for many years. Surely, you didn't think I bought it that way


  1. I thought these occurances were limited to my family get-togethers. Audrey, could we possibly be related? We have an extra genetic flaw, when these things happen to one of us, we can't stop laughing.

  2. How funny. Is that Renee' and Denise by your side? They are so cute!

    The quote is very timely, and well received by me, thank-you Audrey.

  3. Oh no!
    Smashed hat better than no hat.
    If this hadn't happened you wouldn't have had this story to share. Hope you weren't hurt.
    I tripped upwards on my graduation day in the bleechers. Soooooo embarassing. Just my pride got bruised that day.