Friday, August 14, 2009

Having a busy day in the kitchen

Even though I called this picture a busy day in the kitchen, I haven't been in the kitchen at all today...I just wanted to show off this wonderful old camp-coffee pot that one of my sisters painted for me many years ago. Isn't it wonderful? And the tole work is excellent too. It's also a good opportunity to relate a little tale. Did you know that there is now a dial-a-prayer for atheists? You call a number and nobody answers. Not true of course, however, "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.." Psalm14:1 and thus our story.

A tale is told of a colony of mice who made their home at the bottom of a large upright piano. To them, music was frequent, even routine. It filled all the dark spaces with lovely melodies and harmonies.
At first the mice were impressed by the music. They drew comfort and wonder from the thought that Someone made the music--though invisible to them, yet close to them. They loved to tell stories about the Great Unseen Player whom they could not see.

Then one day an adventuresome mouse climbed up part of the way in the piano and returned with an elaborate explanation about how the music was made. Wires were the secret--tightly stretched wires of various lengths that vibrated and trembled from time to time. A second mouse ventured forth and came back telling of hammers--many hammers dancing and leaping on the wires. The mice decided they must revise their old opinions. The theory they developed was complicated, but complete with they claimed. In the end, the mice concluded that they lived in a purely mechanical and mathematical world. The story of the Unseen Player was relegated to mere myth.

But, the Unseen Player contiunued to play nonetheless. Note* our family is in the midst of a few medical problems so I have not been on my blog. Hopefully that will be changing very soon


  1. Dear One,
    The painted camp-coffee pot is very nice. Glad you have shared it in your blog.

    I laughed out loud on the dial-a-prayer for atheists and nobody answered! Enjoyed the mice in the bottom of the piano and this is so true about people being so convinced that falsehoods are taken as truth.

    God bless you and may those that are suffering from Health challenges in your family be healed. In Jesus Name I pray.

    May you have a blessed week-end,

  2. Audrey,
    The photo of the camp-coffee pot is really pretty. I love the painting on it. The stories about the mice and the music and the hot line for anthiests were also great. I sure hope everything goes well with the medical issues your family is facing. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. It's nice to have talented friends who can paint; I'm not very good at it. But I like friends who are good writers and you certainly fall into that category. Love the story of the mice; such a good example of us. Hope everything goes well in the family issues...

  4. Audrey, love this post! And like the mice, that which we should remember to appreciate and draw comfort from often becomes routine and taken for granted with no thought to the creator , even sometimes from those of us who know there is a Creator.

    Prayers for Renee'.