Friday, October 23, 2009

Out of the Sea

Two of my grandchildren, knowing that I am a writer,wanted to know how to write a story. My first inclination was to suggest we wait for another time. It was really an excuse but, an idea came to me and it led to an interesting undertaking.

Connor was 13 at the time and Katie was 9. They liked the challenge I gave them, and, although it isn't completed as yet, and may never be, they always remember that it is here.

It began with me writing a sentence out of my head; "The young man was on the beach when he saw the big dog fighting the waves, trying to get to shore."

Next I ask Connor to add another sentence. At first, he found it difficult but came up with, "And, to the amazement of the boy a dolphin appeared and guided the exhausted dog almost to his feet."

Now, it was Katie's turn. She took some time and finally added, "The young man sat, a little big shaky and a little bit afraid as the big German Shepherd loped past him towards the forest behind them."

My turn again and I felt as if I had "painted myself into a corner." However, I was able to add, "As he turned to follow the dog, his father's high-pitched whistle called him home."

This time Connor managed this sentence. "After lunch he talked his father into returning to the spot on the beach where he first saw the dog."

It ended with Kate's last entry, "No matter how long they searched, there were no dog prints, only the boy's."

Starting out to be quite a mystery isn't it? It has never been added-to since the week-end they both spent with me, but, hopefully they gained some knowledge about writing and imagination. They both know I still have the beginning of, "The story," and ask about it frequently. Maybe it will never be finished, because it will take all 3 of us, but never know.

(the beautiful German Shepherd on this post belongs to my daughter, Cheryl, and her name is, Akeera)


  1. Blessings to you. May you have a great week-end.
    Your post today is wonderful and tells of a neat exercise to do with our children, grandchildren and little ones we're around.
    Like the story by the way!

  2. I love your header and your story is I want to know the end.

  3. This was a grand idea for the kids. My sister often does this with her two granddaughters. Maybe you three can finish this some day! Thank you for your visit/comment tonight. Wish you were here to share a cup of tea on this rainy day! Have a pleasant weekend.

  4. Tell Katie and Connor I am eagerly awaiting more of this mystery!

  5. What a good way to get kids to write. That kind of challenge and direction is very encouraging. I homeschooled 2 daughters and writing wasn't something either of them liked to do. Wish I'd known about that method. Mine was, "do it or get a failing grade!" They did fine in college:)