Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who do YOU think brought on the rain?

During the reign of Abdullah the Third, a great drought struck Baghdad. The Mohammendan doctors issued a decree that all the faithful should offer prayers for rain. Still, the drought continued.
The Jews were then permitted to add their prayers. Their supplications also appeared inefectual. Finally, when the drought resulted in wide spread famine, the Christians in the land were asked to pray. It so happened that torrents of rain followed almost immediately.

The whole conclave was more upset over the cessation of the drought than it had been alarmed at its continuance. Feeling that some explanation was necessary, they issued this statement to the masses, "The God of our Prophet was highly gratified by the prayers of the faithful which were as sweet-smelling savors to HIm. He refused their requests in order to prolong the pleasure of listening to their prayers; but the prayers of those Christian infidels were an abomination to HIm, and He granted their petitions the sooner to be rid of their loathsome importunities."


  1. Oh yes, that's pretty obvious. Yea, that happened. Some people have to go to great lengths to explain why it isn't God whose doing what He does. I'm so glad he isn't hindered by that.

  2. Oh, my word! This is amazing! God must surely shake His head at us sometimes! C

  3. Do you remember last year when Georgia was experiencing a drought and the governor declared a day of prayer FOR rain...and they GOT rain? I remember the news' casts downplaying it..but they could not refute it...Georgia got rain after a day of prayer!