Thursday, October 15, 2009

When I wasn't looking

My last post was about my father and how he loved and protected his daughters. We were not to have him very long because when I wasn't looking he slipped out of this life.
This beautiful stained-glass window was made by my sister-in-law Janet. She is an absolute wonder and just started this new craft/art not many days ago.

Fifty years have passed
Like ground mist in a
Morning sunrise
Can it really be that long?
Surely I saw that dear face
Only yesterday
Every flower claims its scent;
And Daddy's shaving cream
Was a favorite blossom
I smell it still
Across a half-a-century
Of deprivation
His gentle hands
Are more remembered
Than last night's dream
And yet....
Those same hands only touched
His loved ones for
Forty-four racing.
Plummeting, laughing years
And then,
They moved no more
Hearts, sore and torn,
And angry
Were left behind
Oh, Daddy!


  1. What a precious heartfelt poem. That is a wonderful photo of your great-grandparents.

  2. Audrey, I still miss my father very much and this poem touches my heart.