Saturday, November 7, 2009

I have become a near-brunette again. I was just suddenly overcome lately with the urge to see what was under the varigated situation adhering to my scalp. I say" near" because there are still some stubborn grey hunks that won't go along with the program. But yes, that is me hiding out under Dark Chestnut #14 or, whatever it said on the bottle of dye. Actually that mass of hair on the attached picture was also mine a whole lot of years ago.
The comments of friends and relatives have been many. An example is, "What have you done!"
I can't even say, "Only my hairdresser knows." I couldn't wait for an appointment with her so I mixed, stirred, and whipped up the coloring myself and proceeded to dribble it over my tresses. Really, I don't have tresses any longer; they were transformed into hanks awhile back when they began to turn an icky grey shade and have the texture of pot scrubbers. Naturally, I wanted to cover them up; am I crazy?
There are few physical bummers a person can actually alter without the help of a surgeon. Even a goodly amount of pounds has to be vacuumed off with the liposuction procedure.
Hair, however, may be changed, and we have so many choices today. There is a whole color spectrum from which to choose. The purple appealed for a micro-second, but, I wanted my mother to continue speaking to me. For some reason, she has come to believe hair has some sacred spot in the scheme of things and prefers that all of us leave it in whatever state it gets to over the years. She has conveniently forgotten the Henna she put on her hair when I was small. I remember it though. It was the most awful looking muddy gunk you ever saw. According to her it never happened. She suggested I must have mistaken it for a stew she was making. oh yeah, and the little empty bottle under the sink didn't say, "Henna" either.
I am all for change, that is why January 1st appeals to me...resolution time...except that I don't do well at keeping the resolutions for long. I usually go down to defeat around the 2nd or 3rd of that month.
No, I am not good ar resolutions, but I have all kinds of ideas concerning changes and a lot has to do with hair. My family will tell you. They are never sure whenever they will be greeted at my door by a platinum blond in a baseball cap, a pixie with less hair than most arms, or the wild and crazy coiffure of Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmations


  1. What a cute story! I have been battling gray since I was about 20 and yes the gray reminds me of Brillo pads! At least the color makes the texture easier to deal with! I would love to see a picture of you. Funny, I did a post yesterday on BIG HAIR!!!

  2. Audrey, you are a scream! I get the biggest kick out of your posts. I, too, am a dyed gal. I've been coloring my hair for 35 years. I still do, and just let the silver shine through enough that people think I've got a frost. I was a hair dresser in the 70's. I remember henna coming back in around that time.

  3. I love the line " a pixie with less hair than on most arms.." I am sharing your dilemma Audrey. I must say though, your hair looked great tonight!

    I think the problem now-a-days is that there is NO problem finding a suitable hair dye or color, and no excuse to go with nature...I am still contemplating going gray but that ugly skunk look is all I can visualize for myself right now....great post!

  4. Enjoyed your post!!!
    You said it well.

    Last time my oldest son saw me he commented about the blaze of grey in my hair. Yep, it's blazing alright!

    This aging hair thing is taking me by storm. I had no idea how the texture of my own hair would change so much as I aged.
    I know for sure God likes to keep things interesting and certainly has a great sense of humor,

  5. Love this post Audrey and I love that you're brave enough to try everything on your hair! It's always exciting for me ,who was forbidden by my parents to ever cut my hair until I'd been married off and then after that, I didn't have the nerve - something about seeing the dissapointment on my mom's face if she saw I'd hacked it off. I think it's also a security thing but you - you're up for anything if it has to do with hair and I love that about you! ( Plus, it always looks great. =))